If you are a medicines4all.com health professional, social worker,  work for another provider or are managing Consumer Directed Care funding on behalf of someone AND already have a MyAgedCare “aged care reference number”,  and would like to make a referral to Holdsworth, please use the following number or email. MyAgedCare staff should also use this number.

0414 789 966


If you wish to refer yourself or a family member to access our services, which are primarily funded by the Australian Government, you must first register with My Aged Care  by calling 1800 200 422. You can then ask to be referred to Holdsworth Community and to any other service providers of your choice.

Holdsworth Community is a service provider across several categories in My Aged Care including Social Support, Food Services, Transport and Dementia Day Care.

We can also provide assistance and support to help you make contact with My Aged Care, help you complete your online registration and select the services that you need.

If you would like to talk to someone at Holdsworth about assistance with My Aged Care please contact us on 02 9302 3600 or email info@holdsworth.org.au

Home Care Packages

Holdsworth is registered as an approved provider under the National Approved Provider System (NAPS) with ID number 7111. From February 2017 Holdsworth will be eligible to accept transferred or new Home Care Package funding on behalf of clients.