Work Place Safety

The purpose of Holdsworth is to respond to the identified needs of all residents living in
Sydney, especially those disadvantaged by age, income, disability or social isolation, to
families with young children, and to promote the wellbeing of all members of the community.

Holdsworth Community provides community-based services and support for:
– children and adults living with disabilities;
– families with young children;
– older people who may be frail, ill, lacking mobility, experiencing social isolation or
living with dementia; and
– people living in a caring role.

Central to our success is having the highest ethical and behavioural standards in our
dealings with our Clients, fellow Employees, Volunteers, supporters and local community

Holdsworth is committed to providing a healthy and safe work and service delivery
environment for its Board Directors, Employees, Volunteers, Contractors, Clients and visitors as well as maintaining appropriate ethical, moral and environmental standards.
Holdsworth is governed by the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

You will find our full manual here – Work Health & Safety Manual

You will find Bus Operator Accreditation Scheme manual here – BOAS_SMS_201804